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Staying motivated in maintaining a fitness routine is a bit challenging especially when you are juggling a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes, you get unmotivated because you feel exhausted or you just don’t feel like doing some work outs. That’s okay! We all need a rest sometimes. Stop feeling guilty about it as long as you get back on track.

Maybe you are asking yourself right now, where has my motivation gone and how could I get it back!? These helpful tips will surely help you get back on track.

6 Helpful tips to stay motivated

  1. Set goals. Set realistic goals. If your schedule hinders you from having a full hour workout, then you can set it to 30 minutes instead or set anything that suits you.

  2. Create a workout plan. Create and schedule what workout you are going to do today. It is important to have a clear plan so that there is something you are going to look forward to everyday.

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