With candy centered holidays such as Valentine’s Day, its not hard to stuff yourself with 5,000 calories (or more) and then hate yourself for what seems like an eternity.  You’ve completely bombed your diet or food plan, but sometimes it’s worth it!  You can’t starve yourself of the “off-limits” foods… this will only perpetuate the “binge!”

Once you are done eating for that evening or day, put the fork down, and prepare to get yourself back on track… it’s that easy!  Don’t fall prey to binge depression, and self-loathing. Follow these simple steps to get back on track, without guilt! Before going ahead, here you can explore WPengine Coupona2 hosting couponsiteground couponbest taxi wordpress themes hostgator couponbluehost coupon.

  1.  After an especially heavy or sweet filled meal, put your sneakers on and simply go for a walk!  A walk will help you feel less full by allowing your body to better metabolize your food.  Walking for just 15 minutes after food binges can help prevent your blood sugar from spiking and then suddenly dropping, causing fatigue, cravings, and eventually more overeating.
  2. After your walk, make sure you drink plenty of water especially if you have consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the day!  This will help alleviate dehydration, bloating, and that general “gross” feeling after an overindulgence.  If plain water is difficult for you, I would suggest a cup of ginger tea, as it not only helps with dehydration, but it can certainly aide digestions and help relieve upset stomachs.
  3. The next morning, let yourself sleep in just a bit more.  The goal is to allow your body at least a solid 7 hours of sleep, and insufficient rest will only result in stronger cravings for nutritionally deplete foods.  Once up, it’s important to have a protein-packed breakfast, with whole carbs and healthy fats included.  If you are having a difficult time eating, or just not wanting to eat, try a nutrient dense smoothie.  Continue to keep yourself completely hydrated!
  4. As your day progresses, allow your lunch to be filled with lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbs, that will keep you satisfied and energetic. Often, this meal is where most of us will try to “cut” calories to make up for yesterday’s overindulgence…. Don’t! It’s important to nourish your body, and help yourself get back on track.  It’s important to make time for a workout too!  It helps with continuous digestion, and will help you get back to your normal self.
  5. Wrap up your dinner, again with lean proteins, veggies, and complex carbs, and congratulate yourself for not letting yesterday’s food binge get your off track!  Remember to stay hydrated, and enjoy yourself!

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