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New Testimonials

  • Brayanne Talley Success Story
    I have been very impressed to say the least with not only the goals I have been able to achieve with Law but also by his knowledge, his overall passion to help clients and his ability to just be able to connect with his clients to meet their individual goals. From the catered meal plans, to the frequent check-ins and the continuous alternating workout routines, he is really focused on his clients reaching maximum results that will last long term. It’s because of him that I have signed up for another one of his monthly total body challenges which basically pushes you to maintain discipline and reach maximum goals in a certain time frame.

    Law is very caring and attentive to each of his clients’ needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. I honestly don’t think I could have found a more awesome trainer to help me during this difficult but rewarding fitness journey. I definitely plan to be a long-term client, and more importantly, continue to work with Lawrence to truly embrace a better me for the long haul.

  • Tyelisha Johnson Success Story
    My first 30 days were probably the hardest. I craved everything that wasn’t included in my meal plan. I hated my meal plan and meal prepping took FOREVER. I continuously struggled not to have a few drinks on lady’s night and getting up at 4:45am was the worst. As much as I hated all of this Lawrence was always there to push me, to tell me when I was doing a good job and to let me know when I was messing up. It was hard, beyond hard. I would text Lawrence all the time to tell him how sore I was, and how challenging this was. He response was always the same, ” If it was easy, everyone would do it!” I love that quote now. As the days went on I started to strengthen my self discipline. On the days when my legs were sore, or my coworkers were ordering pizza my self discipline was unwavering. I took pride in the fact that I could control my cravings and tell myself no. I lost 12 pounds my first month, even with some minor set backs and slip ups. By the time I hit the 60 day mark my body had changed. I couldn’t eat certain things even if I wanted to. Instead of me having to tell myself no my body told me no. One thing I will know for sure is that the meal Lawrence provided mixed with the workout produce admirable results. As a trainee I was required to submit weekly progress pictures. Imagine the motivation you gain from not only seeing major progress but seeing minor progress from one week to the next. It was great, which is why I believe Lawrence made me do it. When I finally reached the 90 day mark I was so excited! I could see and feel the difference in my body.

    I had been saving a dress to wear for graduation since my junior year and when I finally tried it on at my 90 day mark it was too BIG! That was the best graduation gift I could receive from my trainer.

    I’d be lying if I said anything about this was easy. It was never easy and it still isn’t but it’s possible. With the right trainer and motivation you can achieve more than ever thought you could.

  • Bianca Knox’s Success Story
    After seeing one of my Sorority sisters lose a bunch of weight I asked for her trainer’s info and contacted him right away. After a short chat, I paid for a month of training and started my journey with Law. Results don’t lie and I saw awesome results on my friend. I told Law I just want to see what happens over this month and then I probably won’t need him anymore lol. Well over a year later and I have not left him yet. My first month I did not follow my meal plan and I did not see the results I wanted because of it. So, I decided I might want to actually
    follow the very specific plan Law made just for me. After listening I started to see results. I Also participated in one of his monthly challenges and found myself losing 10 Pounds in a month!! That is a lot of weight for me to lose so quickly. At that moment, I realized following the
    process he sets up for every client actually works. What I love most about law is that he does not do the same workouts and meal plans for everyone. He understands that everyone has a different body and different goals. He is very knowledgeable on health and nutrition and his meal plans have changed my life even though I hate eating healthy. I am 30 and the body I have now looks better than the body I had in college as a dancer for the band. I truly believe that working out with Law has acted as therapy to me during a rough time in my life. Now fitness is a very important part of my life. I have set and reached a bunch of goals along the way. Law is really good at what he does because I travel a lot, this year I have been on at least one trip every month. I even went away to Europe for an entire month. He has somehow figured out a way to cater to my unique schedule and keep me on track. Even if you can’t train in person with him he has great in-home workouts that have saved me on my various vacations. I am probably one of his most difficult clients because I love to eat off the plan but he never gives up on me and always encourages me to jump back on the fitness train when I fall off. I don’t believe everyone can be a trainer but I know this is exactly what Law was called to do and he is amazing at it. Thanks to Law my body is toned and 20 pounds lighter!
  • Jas Motley’s Success Story
    I started my journey literally on the last day it was to sign up for the February challenge. I signed up and got a meal plan and a at home workout. Law was away on military orders so I didn’t truly follow the workout plan but did follow the meal plan. I lost 17 pounds the first month. I decided to do one on one training starting in march for twice a week. I admit it was very hard. I had started at 303 pounds and even with the initial 17 pounds my knees would hurt, my asthma would flare up, it was just hard. When I started gaining momentum during my workouts and eating right things started getting real. Law is the type of trainer where he will NOT let you give up. I had cried, cursed, threatened to not come back, but he wasn’t phased. His infamous phrases “keeping pushing” “we got goals”. I needed a trainer who would not give up on me because I had SEVERAL weight loss attempts that didn’t work. I did slim fast, weight watchers, fad diets, etc. This has been the only thing that works. Recently I’ve had a little setback and gained a few pounds when the summer hit, but am ready to push forward. The challenges for me include waking up at 5am every Tues & Thurs for workouts. Sometimes I’ve only had two hours of sleep and still showed up. I’ve had a total weight loss of 65 pounds, went from a size 24 jean to size 12 (6 pant sizes), size
    26 dress size to a 12 and a 44 GGG to about a 40 DDD. I am on month 8 with Law. I have ran 3 5ks and planning to run my first 10k this fall. When we first started I could not even run around the track. I credit the tools he gave me to be a better me. Not sure where I would be without him! Now make sure he doesn’t follow you on social media & you post something NOT on your meal plan because he is a fan of the screenshot! Thanks Law!
  • Carlleen Alison

    I began my journey with Law when I decided to take the leap and enter into the April fitness challenge. Following the meal plan and workouts during those thirty days completely changed my body. I won 2nd place and was so excited by the results that I wanted to challenge myself further. Once the thirty day challenge was complete I trusted and believed in Law. The following week we geared up for a 12-week bikini competition prep.

    I have always been athletic but this challenge was brand new to me. During the 12 weeks I did have my ups and downs but when you fight through everyday challenge such as scheduling, work, balance, mental and physical blocks the end result is worth it. August 26th was the competition date and determination and trust with myself and Law earned us a 1st place finish in B class novice and 2nd place B class open.

    I would not have chosen any other coach to take these first steps into competition life with. Law is the truth and will push you even when you have hit bottom. Embrace the challenge and remember it's never too late to pursue a new you.

  • Thaddeus Coe’s Success Story
    I've always considered myself as an athletic individual. 2 years ago I found myself gaining a great amount of weight. One day I got on the scale and looked and behold I weighed 205LBs. I suffered a lot of pain and became insecure about my weight. There were days I couldn't even walk because of all the weight I was carrying on my joints. So I decided to make a change. I reached out to Coach Law and told him I needed to lose weight and tone my body. He gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my transformation process. He was able to assist me not only in losing the weight but to to get shredded and have the best looking body I've ever had. 16 weeks later I'm getting ready for my first physique show ever!!! I competed in the Lee Haney NPC National Qualifier Competition. Again this was my first show and i took 1st place In the true Novice Division, 1st place in the Novice Division, and 3rd in the Open division. Words can’t express how hard we worked and the discipline that went into this prep. Truly excited about my progress, change in my appearance and confidence. I went from wearing a 38 size in pants to a size 28's. Thankful for Coach Law's professionalism, knowledge, and guidance.
  • Brandi

    I was introduced to Law’s competition prep by word of mouth. I was 3 weeks out from my first show and I was concerned about my overall readiness and the training I’d received up to that point. Although I wasn’t initially training for any sanctioned show, Law took my concerns seriously and gave me a plan that gave me dramatic improvements within just one week! The changes that were made were enough for Coach to convince me to dive into the NPC world head first. In just 3 weeks with Law I placed 3rd in Novice, 2nd in Open Bikini Class C in my first show. With an additional 5 weeks with Law and I got my first overall in Novice bikini and 2nd in Open Bikini Class D.

    Having a coach that not only believes in you when you’re not always sure, but also has the foresight, the focus and the fortitude to guide you is what you’ll get at Break My 5th Law Fitness. Endless support, motivation and family is what you’ll gain from Team Outlaw. Initially I was on the fence about switching coaches midway through a prep, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join this squad. The results are undeniable!

  • Paolo Terlazzo

    Let me know if this does what you need it to or if there's anything else you'd like to see me talk about.

    I first started training with Law eight months ago with the goal of prepping for my first Physique competition. I've worked out consistently for about the past eight years but didn't start paying attention to what I was eating until about 2 or 3 years ago. Even with knowing my way around the gym and what to eat to maintain a lean and muscular physique, I would often wonder what I could achieve if I had someone to force me over plateaus and hold me accountable to a strict meal plan to get me through bulking and cutting phases. Enter Law.

    The first few weeks tested me, the most difficult part for me being adjusting to the amount of food I was consuming. But the changes in my body and the gains that came with it kept me motivated to keep going. I've never felt stagnate in the workouts and I've been more than happy to not have to think about what workouts I was going to do, as I did when I would work out on my own.

    I just go to the gym ready to work and let Law tell me what to do, and what to eat each day. After a few months of putting on the size we moved into competition prep and shredding. Once again I was pleased to continually see results, but now I was seeing fuller and more defined muscles as much of my body fat was burning off. It's certainly not for everyone but if you're ready to work and be disciplined, and are motivated by seeing the changes your body goes through, it's worth the sacrifices. I'm now posting competition, we're working on putting on more size, and I'm loving the changes my body is going through yet again.

  • Demetria Hill

    My journey began with Coach Law July 17th, 2018. I had just finished competing in my second show, it was SNBF. I was not satisfied with my results so I decided a change needed to me made. I reached out to Coach Law for assistance. I explained to him what I was looking for and he advised how he could help me. Initially I think he had his reservations about helping me because I had just finished a show and was about to start prepping again. I told Law “I’ll do whatever you advise me to do, I trust you as my coach and I know that you will not guide me wrong”.

    Now, I must say my food intake was increased drastically and I was struggling to get all my meals in, but I knew in order to achieve the goals coach set for me, I had to FOLLOW THE PLANS designed specifically for me. I was struggling to get my water in, every week I would send my pictures and he could tell I wasn’t drinking enough water, you talk about accountability! With only working with my coach for less than 90 days, he was able to prepare me for my first NPC show. I’m still in shock as to how my body transformed like that! I’m soo happy and blessed to be part of TeamOutlaw Fitness

  • Amber Foster
    I was looking for a prep coach for my journey to become an NPC bikini athlete. I didn’t want a “cookie cutter” program and I wanted TRUE results. What I got truly blew my mind! I received a meal plan specific to my body, a workout regimen that pushed me to new limits, support from a team of like-minded athletes on the same journey and a selfless coach who truly leads by example. My results have been nothing less than stellar and we’re already working on building a better package for next year. I’d recommend #TeamOutlaw to anyone who is serious about competing and changing their lives. It’s certainly been life changing for me.
  • Stephanie Mickens
    In 2017, I started working out pretty heavily and was introduced to the world of bikini competing. I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and in 2018, I started the process of looking for coaches. I found Law through the recommendation of a few girls that I was attending posing classes with and were a part of TeamOutLaw. I reached out to him once I thought I was what I thought was close to “show ready”! I had decided on a show that was about 8 weeks out and was ready to start the process. Law was honest with me from the very first session and basically told me I wasn’t going to be ready in 6 weeks, and he wasn’t putting me on stage until I was ready. Through the process, I realized that to him, ready meant having a chance to win and we did just that! Law did more than physically train me for my show. He pushed me outside my comfort zone. He held me accountable every week. He helped me to implement discipline in my day-to-day life. Finally, he has turned a bucket list challenge into a lifestyle. I look forward to phase 2 of this journey!
  • Eric

    From this process I was challenged, pushed to my limits but in the end I gave it my all and showed myself approved.The Hardest thing for me was getting my meals in and sticking to the plan. I had to adjust my schedule around what worked best for me, prepare more often and just suck it up and eat the food! It took me a few weeks of consistency and cuss outs to get it down to really some results and from there it was history. Cardio was also a beast, but it got fun when everybody joined in with you. I had a quick reality check that I wasn’t going as hard as I thought. Eating as much or as well to really grow or even focused enough to crush those goals. Dialing in was the best way thing that happened.

    It felt good to take home overall title and the energy felt from the team was amazing. Everyone supported the you and wishing you good luck gave me energy to get up when I was tired, eat right when I wanted wings and burgers and train as beastly as ever. It was gold🏆.

    Competing here pushed me to a new level, a new focus, a new drive. It’s a great feeling and I’d Recommend Team Outlaw to anyone who wants a competition home. If you're looking to better yourself then look no further!!

  • Brandon Bush

    I had the honor of being apart of Team Outlaw.

    I prepped with Law for 3 months to compete in my first show. He had my back through the entire prep. Working with my schedule to personally train me. My meal was customized for me especially due to having some food allergies, he also helped with posing and went with me to the meetings for the show. He knew what the judges wanted to see, which was vital to presentation when I hit the stage. He will work on your weakness and improve your strengths. I highly recommend working with Law if you're thinking about competing. Men and women alike The guy knows his stuff.

    By the way 1st place true novice, overall true Novice, 1st Place Novice and 3rd in Open Men Physique

  • Joana Ortega

    After competing in my first show with a previous trainer I didn’t think I would ever compete again. Then one of my good friends had just finished competing in a show and was about to start prep for her next show. When I reached out to her and asked who her trainer was she mentioned Law to me. I started looking into people he had prepped before and from that moment I decided to reach out to him. After our first conversation, he heard me out on what I was looking for and asked questions which made me feel like he truly cared about providing the best training. After our first conversation, I was all in to compete again, something I did not think I would do again.

    During prep Law was very attentive to all his competitor he regularly checked in on us and made sure we were staying on track of our workouts, meal plan, and cardio. During our training sessions he always pushed me past my limits to points I did not know I could achieve. My body transformed immediately when I started training with Law. The best shape my body has ever been in is now that I train with him. Law truly cares about all his clients. I’m so thankful for Law and all his guidance, knowledge, and top-notch training.

  • Aneesha Lane

    Becoming a part of Team Outlaw was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started training with Law after my first show in August 2017. He is always honest with me about the goals we set and he creates a plan of action to execute. He is hard on me yet very sympathetic to the life issues that I may have going on. He continues to work with me both in the gym and in real life.

    He has not only become the best trainer I've dealt with but he has become really great friend of mine!!He turned my “train” wreck of a competition body into a body worth flaunting on stage. Law is very knowledgeable and passionate about his athletes and you can tell through your results!! He is the only person that i would trust to train me hands down. Law is constantly growing in his profession and it makes you want to be a better athlete!! Team Outlaw is the only way to go!!

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