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About Us

“Break my 5th Law”, simply explains my theory of working towards becoming a healthier individual inside and out. Trainers begin your fitness journey with you and encourage you along the way, as they have the vision of your desired goals. However, it is up to the individual to see that vision for themselves. Each individual’s goals are often different and therefore will require a different set of standards and discipline. Once it is realized that your results may not be the same as the next person’s results, you will become more focused and driven achieving your own personal goals. That being said, no one can stop you for becoming the person you envision in your head, to the person you see in the mirror with drive, determination, and ambition.

Always Keep Moving
Why We’re Different
Our philosophy encompasses much more than generic instructions, and general sessions.  It truly predicates on your personal style, motivations, and fitness levels. You don’t have to trust us, trust our work, trust our clients, and decide when you are ready for your break through!
Earned Not Given
We didn’t read what we teach out of a book. Our methods are rooted in pure hard work, sweat, and tears. Lawrence Inman was able to complete a total body transformation and now competes at the highest fitness levels across the country.
Competition Coach
Have you ever dreamed of standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, showcasing your flawless physique in a bodybuilding competition?  Well, here is the opportunity to make that dream a reality.  Allow me to get you stage ready by providing you with a tailored plan that provides proper nutrition, individually crafted workout routines, supplemental guidance, and recommendations needed to help you reach your maximum potential. Having proper support and guidance is a huge factor in competing. Therefore, joining our team guarantees that you will be among individuals who practice teamwork, that gives you proper guidance and unlimited support. Let me coach you and guide you to VICTORY as you prepare to hit the stage and shine.
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