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Let’s Talk About Abs

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TeamOutLaw Vision board party. We will be having it on January 8th from 1:30pm to 5pm. If this is your first time doing a vision board PERFECT! The team will explain how it goes with creating a vision board. ⁣⁣


List of things to bring with you: ⁣

⁃ poster board or picture with frame (if you want to hang it up ⁣ or Shoe Box

⁃ Magazines ⁣

⁃ Photos⁣

⁃ Glue or Tape⁣

⁃ Markers and Scissors


FYI - we will be going over each persons vision board together so if you are scared to talk in front of people let us know so we can help you through it. BUT you will explain your vision so you can speak it into existence. Everyone can bring something to snack on and drink while we create our boards.⁣


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