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How do you push yourself to the gym after that initial enthusiasm has worn off? I’ll give you some simple ideas to keep motivated.

Maybe the odds are stacked against us. There are a thousand things which can distract us: personal emergencies, overtime at work, sick children, being sick ourselves, going on vacation, suffering an injury, or maybe just a great movie opening at the local cinema. There are times when we just do not feel great and would rather sit back in our easy chair and watch T.V. It’s so much simpler, isn’t it?

So how do you push yourself to the gym after that initial enthusiasm has worn off?

Get A Workout Partner

Most of us have to stack the odds in our favor to maintain a workout program. Work out with a regular partner who will call you on the phone to yell at you if you don’t show up at the gym on time.

They can spot you when you are lifting heavy weights to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. But most importantly, they will laugh with you and make your workout fun.

Keep Varying Your Exercises

Don’t fall into the rut of doing the same exercises all the time… you will get bored. If you just can’t face another set of straight bar bicep curls, try dumbbell curls or cable bicep curls instead. And if there is one exercise which you just absolutely hate, don’t do it! Find another exercise which works the same muscle group.

When You Are Really Burned Out, Cut Back A Little

If you are reaching the point where you are dreading the ten-minute drive to the gym, you need to back off a little (in order to avoid quitting completely). Maybe cut back the number of days you work out for a while, or even cut back to once a week for a while. The important thing is not to quit. Never quit.

Think Positively

Always think positive thoughts at the gym, and especially at the end of a workout. Positive reinforcement is a powerful technique of self-motivation. If you think negative thoughts at the end of a workout like “I’m just glad this awful ordeal is over”, you will be setting yourself up to dread ever returning to the gym.

Be A Little Narcissistic

It’s okay to look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about the progress you’re making. Feeling good about your appearance will inspire you to continue working at the gym.

Listen To Your Favorite Music While Working Out

Some upbeat, motivational music may be just the thing you need to take your mind off finishing the last four reps of a tough exercise set.

Find Cardiovascular Exercises You Enjoy

If you are absolutely dreading the treadmill, try the stair climber. If you hate the elliptical, try cycling! If you are dreading your necessary cardio, you aren’t going to perform at your full potential! Try splitting up your cardio routine with a few different machines.

Cardio equipment in gyms tends to get a tad boring after a while, because all you do is stare at the wall in front of you or the display or TV screen on your treadmill. Ride a bike, play tennis, swim in the ocean, go hiking, play basketball, go skating, or paddle a canoe. The key is to find some activity that you will enjoy doing regularly.

Realize The Importance Of Exercise

What is the most important thing in the world you possess? A car? Your house? No, it is your health… something we always take for granted. Your health is more important than any amount of money or any job. You probably spend 40 hours a week at your job, can’t you spend a few hours a week exercising?

Exercise Can Profoundly Improve Your Life

Exercising regularly extends your lifespan, but more importantly, it improves the quality of life while you are alive. Most fitness magazines will include a picture of an elderly person who is still remarkably physically fit. Don’t you want to look and feel that way when you reach your later years? Maybe you can cut that out and draw inspiration from it, or keep your school or college records of your participation in sports as a motivating tool.

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