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Daily Motivation Tips

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After the Thanksgiving holidays have come and gone, and you’re left feeling like your body needs a major detox from the heavy, rich and sweet foods you’ve digested, lay off the scale for a few weeks. Sure, it’s important to track your progress as you lose the holiday weight, but you don’t want to start off feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Give yourself a week to get back to your old tricks – taking your favorite cardio class twice a week, indulging in a new activity to spice up your workouts, eating lean protein, fiber and fruits and vegetables; and staying as active as possible throughout the day. Your weight will begin to melt off quicker than you can. But be patient, and give yourself a fighting chance to lose the weight you gained.

When your jeans feel a bit looser, step on the scale, and begin to track your progress – but not without feeling proud of how much you’ve accomplish so far.



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