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It's a leg day Wednesday! 🦵

Leg day can be challenging, but there are a few tips that can help you get through it.

First, make sure to stretch before and after your workout. This can help reduce soreness and prevent injury.

Second, take breaks throughout your workout if you need to. This can help you stay energized and focused throughout your workout.

Third, keep a positive attitude! Your mental attitude plays a big role in how successful your workout is.

Finally, make sure to fuel your body with the rig

ht foods. Eating a healthy diet will help you stay energized and give you the nutrients you need to keep going.

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Barbell Squats: 4 sets, 6-8 reps

Dumbbell Lunges: 4 sets, 12 reps each leg

Leg Press: 3 sets, 12-15 reps

Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets, 12 reps

Leg Extensions: 3 sets, 20 reps



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