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It’s time for your daily workout. However, instead of getting excited to go to the gym. You just keep staring at your room ceiling and your body feels so heavy to move. Have you experienced that? If not, that’s good news for you! Because we want you to avoid that! However, if you experienced that already, you still have the chance to correct it and get back your motivation.

That's why we are giving you these tips on how to keep up the motivation to go to the gym and keep working on your goals.

1. Plan your gym visit at quiet times

Don't plan to visit your gym at times when there are other things going on. Meaning when there are other things that occupy your mind. Just like other things, Workout also needs your focus to reach your goals.

2. A little friendly competition with a training buddy can motivate you to do your workout

Even if you're not a competitive person by nature, find an individual or group that is slightly better or faster than you. “It can be helpful in terms of either a little bit of competition or just in terms of what we call a conjunctive task,” studies suggest. “It’s a team effort, but the performance depends on whoever is quitting first.” In other words, nobody likes a quitter, even you.

3. Find a friend who will stay and help you to be consistent

Some people prefer solo workouts but it is more fun and motivating when you do your workout with your buddies. scheduling regular workouts with them can make all the difference. You're less likely to hit snooze or head home for the night if you know you're leaving your workout partner in the lurch. Having other people around with the same goals is always exciting.

4. Listen to music while exercising

Phone with you, earphones in, and go! Time flies if you listen to your favorite music while working out or a podcast that you find really interesting.

5. Reward yourself

When there is a reward, you are more likely to be more motivated to do your workout. This is also to acknowledge and appreciate yourself.

We hope these tips will be a great help to you. Always remember that hardwork + consistency always give the best result. Keep going!


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